CEU’s Commitment to Sustainability

CEU's vision and mission for sustainability are to help bring about a world in which societies are enabled by education to make and implement informed decisions about the environment, development, and the well-being of present and future generations; and to become a source of knowledge and inspiration for people aspiring to further the well-being of all people on earth.

CEU established a Sustainable Development Policy in 2006 and signed the Copernicus Charter in 1994. To facilitate their implementation, the University established the CEU Sustainability Advisory Committee (CSAC) in December 2010. CSAC's Declaration outlines proposed steps that CEU can consider in furthering sustainability. The Sustainable CEU action team is a student-based initiative to promote sustainability on the CEU campus and in the wider community. CEU is well positioned to be an influential innovator in environmental sustainability and justice. Focal areas include climate mitigation and adaptation, sustainable energy systems, environmental justice, and biodiversity conservation.

Through initiatives targeted at its own environmental citizenship, CEU is beginning to reduce its resource consumption and its contributions to climate change while improving overall energy efficiency. See CEU's Sustainability Report for 2012 here!

We invite you to join us in strengthening sustainability at CEU.