CEU InnovationsLab

The CEU InnovationsLab is a flagship initiative of Central European University to create economic opportunity in Hungary and the Central and Eastern European region by nurturing a culture of entrepreneurship and linking academia and business. CEU InnovationsLab was voted Hungary's best incubator at the  Central European Startup Awards, and the only university incubator nominated for Best Incubator/Accelerator in Central Europe.

Launched in 2016, The CEU InnovationsLab is a business incubator-accelerator and much more. It is a CEU-wide learning-by-doing platform, enhancing students’ and alumni academic experience by offering real-life experience in student/alumni-initiated innovative new businesses and helping students to pursue career paths in business and sustainable social entrepreneurship. The CEU InnovationsLab also pursues entrepreneurship- and innovation-related research with the aim to enhance the University’s curriculum.

CEU InnovationsLab is an environment where entrepreneurs learn from fellow entrepreneurs and mentors as they grow their businesses. Where CEU students, alumni, and faculty can be start-up founders. Where established firms can try out new ideas. Where we teach and learn entrepreneurship by practicing it.

We invite you to join us, share what you know, what you do, and what you want to do.

Entrepreneurs: Have a start-up idea? Learn about the benefits of launching your company at CEU InnovationsLab. Applications are on a rolling basis subject to availability. Contact Us

Companies: Need research or planning support? Our faculty experts and talented master’s students can help. Contact Us

Mentors and Advisors: Want to give back? Your experience could lead a start-up to success. Contact Us

Investors: Interested in funding opportunities? We can introduce you to promising start-ups. Contact Us

CEU Students: Looking for a Capstone Project or Internship? You can become a team member in one of our start-ups. Or take one of our courses, listed below Contact Us

  • LLM Entrepreneurship and Innovation Clinic – for Legal Studies Students
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship for non-Economics students
  • Introduction to Environmental and Sustainable Entrepreneurship - for Environmental Studies students

Recent News

CEU InnovationsLab team AbsoRice, a maker of vegan, gluten- and sugar-free protein bars, has entered into a strategic partnership with Hungarian market leader cereal producer Cerbona. AbsoRice will move production to Cerbona's new gluten-free production facility and the companies will pursue joint distribution, logistic and marketing activities. Cerbona  obtained a minority stake in AbsoRice.

Hungarian/Polish/Chinese Supp.li joined CEU InnovationsLab on February 6, 2018.

Supp.li directly links European SME food producers with European hotels, restaurants and chefs to allow direct purchase of specialty, unique food products. As of 2019 additionally: Supp.li will allow overseas SME food buyers to source quality European food products directly from SME food producers (China as test market).

CEU InnovationsLab team ShareKiwi received seed funding from Hiventures, a venture capital fund supervised and supported by the National Research, Development and Innovation Office and the Hungarian Develpoment Bank Plc., to complete their product development and launch. ShareKiwi aims to develop unique telecommunication software solutions that enable clients to securely and energy efficiently share HD-quality content on mobile devices even in the absence of signal.  

CEU InnovationsLab team Hashtag School secured smart money funding at a 420 million-forint (77,000-euro) valuation under basic investor protection provisions. This arrangement and the white-label sales (a language school, university, elementary school, insurance company among others) will ensure that the digital education system will be developed to a new stage by mid-2018.

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