Text Analysis Across Disciplines Workshop

Text Analysis Across Disciplines


May 2 || 9:00-15:00                                                  

Room 103 (Tiered Room)

Nádor u. 15.

Budapest 1051


This is the culminating event in our year-long series called “Conversations in the Digital Humanities.” We have invited eight exciting, up-and-coming scholars from around the region to present their work in various forms of text analysis, and to think together with us about how text analysis can be used in disciplines beyond literary studies.

Program Schedule

Session 1 || Stylometry, Versification,  Translation


Rafał Górski (Polish Academy of Sciences, Inst. Polish Language, Computational Stylistics Group)

Petr Plecháč  (Czech Academy of Sciences, Inst. of Czech Lit, Versification Research Group)

Artjom Shelya (Tartu University Linguistics Department)

Discussants || Levente Seláf (ELTE) and Róbert Péter (SZTE)


                                Tea, Coffee, Refreshments


Session 2 || Bio-bibliographical Databases, Lexicography, Lemmatization, Visualization


Maciej Maryl & Piotr Wciślik (Polish Academy of Sciences, Digital Humanities Center)

Katalin Lejtovicz (Austrian Center for DH, APIS)

Toma Tasovac (Belgrade Center for the Digital Humanities)

Discussant || Margit Kiss (MTA-ITI)


                                On-site Lunch


Session 3 || Text Analysis Across Disciplines, Using DH Tools to Close the Gaps


Liviu Pop (Romanian Academy of Sciences, Folklore Archive; Transylvanian Digital Humanities Center, DigiHUBB)

Tamás Kiss (CEU DHI)

Tamás Scheibner (ELTE, COURAGE Project)

General Discussion || DHI Team and Participants


                                Tea, Coffee, Refreshments