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Central European University offers two exciting new BA programs, both taught by our world-class faculty specializing in the social sciences and humanities, and with the added value of offering dual Austrian and American degrees. Our BA programs are tailored for students who seek an international BA experience in small classroom settings, who appreciate having the choice to tailor their programs to meet their own interests, and who relish a challenging academic experience while living in one of Europe’s most beautiful and culturally rich cities.

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Visit the home pages of the BA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics or the BA in Culture, Politics, and Society directly.


Our society needs critical thinkers who can:

  • draw from the frameworks, structures, and principles of several disciplines
  • develop new ways to look at the issues of our time
  • ask questions differently and propose innovative solutions

Students in CEU’s PPE program develop these skills through the study of political and social structures, an examination of fundamental questions about reality and our place in it, and an investigation of the principles that govern the production and allocation of resources. Students can do an interdisci-plinary BA thesis or capstone project and take courses outside the PPE framework to gain fresh or contrasting perspectives.

Professor Katalin Farkas, head of the program, is a philosopher who is interested in the nature of the mind and the nature of knowledge. She has taught philosophy at the universities of Liverpool, Saint Louis and Stockholm. She enjoys discussing philosophy with students as well as promoting philosophy to the wider public.


  • What is truth?
  • Is there a real, objective difference between right and wrong?
  • Is everybody equal?
  • Is democracy really the best form of government?
  • What is globalization, what are its problems and benefits?
  • Could a machine ever think or feel pain?


Our troubled world needs independent thinkers who can:

  • manage the flood of information and disinformation, and select what is true
  • use cutting-edge multimedia tools to convey their ideas
  • ask the big questions, exchange ideas with others, and pursue solutions

Students in CEU’s CPS program acquire these skills — the ability to separate fact from fabrication, decipher classical texts and statistical data, understand social media algorithms, produce knowledge and convey it effectively using various media. These skills are taught alongside a broad liberal arts education, culminating in a disciplinary major such as sociology, political science, international relations, environmental sciences, gender studies, and history.

Professor Dorit Geva, head of the program and founding dean of undergraduate programs, taught at the University of Chicago. With students assisting in her research, she publishes on topics such as the rise of the radical right, contemporary theories of gender and sexuality, and the moral panic surrounding cryptocurrencies.


  • How is fake news created and how do we know it’s fake?
  • How do we know anything at all?
  • What determines human behavior?
  • What can we do to make our cities more livable?
  • Should we engineer the planet to fight global warming?
  • Do animals have rights?


Are you a pioneer, a dreamer, a problem solver, a leader? Then CEU is for you. Here, you’ll join a diverse and close-knit community, study with top professors who want to hear your perspective, take MA-level classes, and make friends for life.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, with deadlines of:

  • JANUARY 30, 2020 priority deadline for all applicants
  • APRIL 15, 2020 for applicants who require a study visa
  • AUGUST 14, 2020 for applicants who do not require a study visa


CEU application form / high school records / proof of English proficiency / CV / application essay / letter of recommendation / standardized test scores such as SAT, ACT, AP or IB (preferred but not mandatory)

Finalists will be invited to attend an interview online or in person.

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CEU’s BA programs integrate into the Europe-wide Bologna system and offer the best of the American undergraduate education system. Students who complete four years of study will receive both an Austrian and an American BA degree, which can prepare students for an MA. 


You will develop a wide range of transferable skills – most importantly, the ability to think critically – that will open doors for you. With its network of global employers, online job search platform, and team of advisers, our

Career Services Office will help you find an internship and apply for funding,

and provide personal guidance as you find your path. Our Alumni Relations Office will connect you with 16,000 graduates who are making an impact around the world, from Shanghai to Berlin to Los Angeles. You’ll be joining a community that lasts a lifetime.


At CEU, our community is our strength – sharing experience, knowledge and ideas across disciplines, cultures, and backgrounds. Made up of students and faculty from over 100 countries, we work together in the spirit of supporting open and democratic societies that respect human rights and the rule of law. This has been CEU’s mission since its founding in 1991. Our English-language bachelor’s programs, accredited in the U.S. and Austria, nurture critical, analytical, and creative thinkers who seek solutions to the complex problems of our world. We are CEU. Come join us.

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Ranked the world’s most livable city by The Economist, Vienna is a place where quirky student hangouts sit alongside opulent coffee houses and modern art fills centuries-old palaces. Leafy parks and riverside beaches, world-class galleries and museums, beer gardens and vineyards, street fairs and culinary fests offer entertainment from spring to fall, while the Austrian capital’s squares transform into a snowy, glittering playground with Christmas markets and ice rinks in winter. Students will be staying in comfortable and centrally located dormitory facilities. Just a short train or plane trip to the must-see capitals of the continent, Vienna is the heart of Europe.

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