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Capital and people have moved to urban areas in countries with emerging economies in dramatic numbers. Bottom-up successes are challenging top-down approaches to running companies. Information technology has created a truly interconnected global economy. It has also slashed costs for starting new ventures.

These aren't signs of the times. They represent a new and permanent reality that demands innovative management skills. They indicate that entrepreneurial instincts are essential for recognizing and creating economic opportunity — for leaders of corporations just as much as for leaders of start-ups.

Central European University's Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is devoted to the study and practice of contemporary business under this new paradigm. We are particularly focused on economic activities that occur across nations, involve emerging markets, and are conscious of their impact on society and the environment.

We aim to be a regional hub for exchanging ideas about innovation and entrepreneurship. We also want to spur economic development in Hungary and the Central and Eastern European region.