The Office of the Pro-Rectors

The five Pro-Rectors provide oversight for all CEU areas of operation at the Senior Leadership Team level.

The Office of the Pro-Rector for Research and Faculty

Professor Agnes Batory is Pro-Rector for Research and Faculty, responsible for faculty and doctoral programs in Academic Departments, Research Centers, the CEU Library and the Academic Cooperation and Research Office.


The Office of the Pro-Rector for Teaching and Learning

Professor Tim Crane is Pro-Rector for Teaching and Learning, responsible for masters and non-degree programs in Academic Departments, Undergraduate Studies, the Center for Academic Writing, the Center for Teaching and Learning, Romani studies, the Open Learning Initiative, Source Language Teaching Group, the Socrates Project and Dean of Students.


The Office of the Pro-Rector for Foresight and Analysis

Professor Eva Fodor is Pro-Rector for Foresight and Analysis, responsible for the Campus Redevelopment Office, Institutional Research Office, Strategic Planning Office and Equal opportunity and gender equality.


The Office of the Pro-Rector for Budapest and KEE

Professor Laszlo Kontler is Pro-Rector for Budapest and KEE, responsible for the CEU Press, the Democracy Institute, Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives, Institute for Advanced Study, Summer University and iLab.


The Office of the Pro-Rector for External Relations

Professor Carsten Schneider is Pro-Rector for External Relations, responsible for the Office for Austrian Affairs, Development Office, Communications Office, Enrollment Management, Career Services and Alumni Relations, OSUN Secretariat and the Executive Education Hub.


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January, 2016 to December, 2018
Main researcher(s) at CEU: Liviu Matei