Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science invites students wishing to develop the analytical skills necessary to achieve excellence in their areas of study. With original scholarship, basic and applied research, and creative instructors constituting an essential core upon which to draw, graduate work at the Department attracts an outstanding selection of qualified students from throughout the region and the world. The curriculum is unique within Europe, covering almost all areas of political studies, and offers in-depth expertise in the comparative politics of Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Representing a comprehensive range of academic approaches and expertise, faculty address questions of political philosophy, democratization and regime change, constitutional politics, political economy, media, voting behavior, party politics, human rights and Europeanization, in a comparative manner.

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Vienna, Quellenstrasse 51 | A404
Budapest, Nador u. 9, Faculty Tower | 904
(+36 1) 327 3025

Job Announcements

Location: Vienna
Application deadline: Date February 19, 2023
Starting date: Date September 1, 2023