Vienna Campus Covid-19 Protocol

In Austria, as of February 7, the university is under CODE ORANGE, in line with the most recent guidelines from the Austrian Ministry of Science. 

Classes continue to be online, no onsite events are permitted and those who can work from home should do so. However:

  • Faculty/staff who need to use their campus office may do so, if for example their home internet connection is insufficiently powerful, or they need to teach where the home setting is not viable
  • Students who need to use the Library or associated labs and study spaces ,or who do not have access to a printer/scanner, may come into campus to use these facilities. 

For more information on Library and associated facilities access, please visit the Library Website

CEU Vienna Campus
CEU PU in Vienna Quellenstrasse campus is introducing Covid-19 protocols as of September 1, 2020.

Please note that at all times, strict hygiene protocols and social distancing must be observed on all CEU premises.

Our duty of care to all our community is absolute. By continuing to support remote work for the majority of employees, depending on their job responsibilities, and by providing guidelines and hygiene protocols at all designated entry points to our premises, at registration, record-keeping, etc. for those students, faculty and staff who DO need to be onsite, we’ll continue to keep this community safe.


Key information, guidance, and policies:


Austrian COVID-19 Risk Management

Details the four phases of pandemic response, currently in use in Austria.

Keeping Safe While on Campus

Measures to take while undertaking various activities throughout the building.

Safe Access of CEU Premises

Outlines access requirements of Quellenstrasse 51 during moderate or high pandemic risk.


What to do in case arrangement of an on-campus event is unavoidable.

On devices

What To Do in Case of Symptoms

What to do if you, a friend, or family member has COVID-19 symptoms or has tested positive.

Pandemic Response Structure

Overview of CEU's institutional responsibilities and reporting structure in response to COVID-19.

Further Questions

If you have a specific question about your individual circumstances please inform and your supervisor, if you are an employee, or the Dean of Students Office if a student.

Applicants and admitted students may also check the following FAQ for more information: