CEU PU Works Council (Betriebsrat)

According to Austrian law, the Works Council monitors and promotes the financial, economic, social, cultural and health interests of all CEU PU employees.

The Works Council represents all employees with a CEU PU employment contract. The seven regular and seven replacement members of the CEU PU Works Council have been elected in April 2021 for a five-year term. We meet regularly with the employer to discuss issues of common concern. The Works Council has representatives in several CEU committees and forums. 

In the Austrian system, the Works Council works together closely with two partners: The trade union and the Arbeiterkammer (AK). Our trade union partner is the GPA, the largest trade-union in Austria. GPA is a nation-wide organization with access to a wealth of resources and support services. All regular members of the Works Council and many colleagues at CEU PU are members of the GPA.

For more information visit our SharePoint site (accessible only for CEU employees): or contact us: Works Council (ceubetriebsrat@ceu.edu)


Core members:

Replacement members: